The SKR Difference

1. Powerful Perspectives

The best (and most thorough) assessment processes.
  • SKR Partners conducts the most extensive and focused candidate assessments in the industry. Our assessment analytics help you see what others won’t. SKR Partners asks the critical questions (and we ask a lot of them). We spend considerably more time (four to six hours on average) conducting interviews that sift through the entire career of each and every finalist candidate. Our incredibly comprehensive assessment process garners new and unparalleled insights.
  • Our 360-degree reference checks include 60- to 90-minute interviews with every person that the finalist candidate has reported to over the past decade, as well as some of their peers and subordinates. Our clients get a wide-angled picture of their candidate’s entire career arc because we know that spending the time to be thorough and go deep will uncover meaningful parts of the complete story.
  • SKR Partners Managing Partner David Nirenberg has started, run and grown numerous businesses – and those collective experiences are applied as an additional, valuable filter when assessing candidates to ensure that they have the pragmatic acumen to make meaningful contributions to your business.

2. We Look Further

SKR Partners gives you access to the broadest and deepest pool of candidates.
  • Being a boutique firm brings significant advantages. We’re smaller and our size allows us to be more nimble. We don’t have thousands of other clients worldwide, limiting our candidate searches. Multinational firms are dramatically curtailed in the pool of candidates available to any client because each and every other client is “off limits” to source potential hires for you. This large international firm “off limits” factor is further compounded because any candidate who is already engaged in another of an international firm’s hundreds of other current searches running in parallel to yours is also inaccessible to you as their client. The total of these two significant “off limits” constraints can result in thousands of top-tier candidates being closed off to you. As a boutique firm, SKR Partners has fewer clients and so the limitations of where we can go to find great leaders are minimal. We’re smaller and better.
  • We embark on labour-intensive direct targeting of candidates. SKR Partners sets our sights high and focuses our candidate development on top-tier (and relevant) organizations that are most likely to have the calibre of talent you need.

3. Client Focus

Personalized attention adds value.
  • When you work with SKR Partners, our Managing Partner manages your search from start to finish. There’s no handing off substantive parts of the search process to other staff.
  • Our boutique approach guarantees the level of responsiveness, flexibility and value-added services that you need.
  • SKR Partners continuously applies new approaches and tools to our search and assessment process. None of our processes look like they did five years ago. Rather, they have continued to evolve and improve over time.

4. Success Matters

Our success speaks for itself.
  • Since our founding in 2005, SKR Partners has never had to honour our one-year guarantee. Every leader we have placed for our clients has contributed to his or her organization years after placement.
  • We have successfully completed each and every search assignment that we’ve worked on – numbering in the hundreds over the years. Your executive search project is always completed with a successful hire.