The SKR Experience

Bringing you powerful possibilities

At SKR Partners, we provide extensive benefits that only a boutique firm can offer; namely, unique value adds and responsive service that fully reflects your company’s precise needs for every executive search.

  • Unparalleled service You will never have to deal with a large and varying group of people who may, at different points or searches, service your assignment. We are always fully aligned with your unique needs.
  • Understanding the depth and breadth of our clients’ unique needs. We meet with your leadership group (individually) and all other key stakeholders who will be involved with the new hire to elicit their inputs on what they see as requirements for the role (including capabilities, business priorities, personality type, management style, etc.).
  • We know that no leader is perfect, so our broad and deep candidate assessments present a balanced scorecard for each short-listed candidate, including areas of strength and weakness. We assiduously learn what’s missing in each candidate’s background and their soft skills, as well as the outstanding components of each candidate’s profile. SKR Partners helps you objectively weigh both the benefits and risks associated with each candidate to ensure that our clients maximize the probability of success specific to their culture and business needs.

What does this mean to you?

High touch expertise

You work directly with our Founder and CEO, David Nirenberg, who has a broad and deep business background combined with decades of experience successfully sourcing top executives at some of the world’s largest companies. Searches are never handed off.

We find talent that others miss

We execute multiple intensive processes that discover more than what you are looking for. We do not rely on databases filled with previous and unsuccessful candidates. Our pool of candidates is mostly drawn from so-called “passive” candidates who are unique to each assignment. We assess our clients’ specific needs to only target the candidates most likely to excel in those circumstances. Taking nothing for granted, we take each candidate through our rigorous and proprietary assessment process to objectively determine their strengths and weaknesses.

SKR Partners’ unique assessment process results in assessment-intensive face-to-face candidate meetings. We take the time to ask all the questions required to truly understand what each candidate is made of. Our quest to fully understand what each leader brings to the table is further supplemented by our 360-degree references of past managers, peers and subordinates over the past decade.

Our assessment process is continuously evolving to ensure we are utilizing every method available to get a true and full understanding of each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

Our onboarding plan is in a class of its own

Once an offer has been accepted, SKR Partners will develop a program – based on the extensive data from our assessments, the 360-degree references and our extensive client insights – to help maximize the speed and impact of the incoming leader’s contributions. This comprehensive onboarding leadership assessment, and the analytical process that goes behind it, is a further pillar of our success. This is one of the main reasons why, after hundreds of senior management searches, none of our hired candidates have ever had to be replaced in their first 12 months.