Tinzon Group

International Alliance

SKR Partners is a proud member of Tinzon Group, a global executive search alliance. SKR Partners, as part of Tinzon Group, can provide to our clients the local, regional and global service and coverage they need.

Tinzon Group has worldwide offices that bring together boutique firms who share a focus on leading edge executive search processes combined with the personalized service and responsiveness that is the foundation of finding great leaders.

Tinzon Group and its global network of partners allows for a worldwide executive search reach, but with a boutique feel in each market. The work that you entrust to a Tinzon partner will be carried out by the people you meet, not by people who do not fully understand your specific needs. Because all Tinzon Group firms are owned by the partners, they have a personal responsibility to their clients for the success of the search, regardless of how difficult the search may be.

You can find more information at www.tinzongroup.com